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   I. Mechanical-forming thermal-transfer tubes

▲ DR type-Extruded high fin tube (solid and serrated fins)

▲ L type-wrap-on spiral fin tube

▲ LL type-Overlapped footed spiral fin tube

▲ KL & KLM type-wrap-on knurled footed fin tube

▲ G base type-Embedded fluted fin tube

▲ LF- integral low fin tube (knurled option)

▲ I type-Crimped spiral fin tubes

▲ Corrugated tube, spiral tube,

  2. Welding-forming thermal-transfer tubes

▲HFW type -ERW High frequency resistance welding fin tube(Solid & Serrated Fins)

▲H/HH type ( DC welding square or rectangular fin tube) ,

▲Studs type(ERW studded tube)

▲Longitudinal welding fin tube (standard ,perforated,cut & twist)

Single Row Flat finned tube & Elliptical Finned Tubes

  3. Others service on request

▲Elbows, bends, U-tube, tube swaging

▲Tube spacer box (Material: SS, Alu. Galvanized/Zinc)

Fin materialAluminium or copper
Tube materialsCarbon steel, Cr.-Mo. steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, etc.
Tube Dia.5/8" [15.875mm] to 2" [50.8mm]
Tube Thick>0.065" [1.65mm] depending on tube material
Tube Length300mm to 20000mm
Fin Height1.4" [6.35mm] to 1" [25.4mm]
Fin Pitch5 to 13 fins per inch
Fin Strip Thickness0.012" [0.30mm] to 0.020" [0.50mm]

Inspections and Tests
G-fin; L-fin; LL-fin; KL-fin; Extruded-fin Finned Tubes
Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
Hydrostatic Test
Pneumatic Test
Boroscopic Inspection
Eddy Current Test
Tensile Test (only for bimetallic tube)

Technical parameters
The high degree of fin 0-16mm(or outside diameter of fin φ25-φ75);
Pitch of fins 2.0-5.0mm; Length of finning tube 0.5~ 14m.

Single metal rolling finning tube

Pure aluminum 1060 or aluminum alloy 6063,6061.
Outside diameter Shall be less than 40mm

Double metal rolling finning tube

Tube-based protection from the outer layer of aluminum
tubes,corrosion-resistant,Tube-based can be made of carbon steel pipe,in addition to,stainless
steel tube and copper tube can also be used, as well as titanium alloy tube


The aluminum finned tubes are well packed in plastic film in the inner and steel fram
in the outer

Heat Exchanger Finned TubeExtruded Fin TubeAll Kind of Material can be appliedAluminum A110015.88~50.87~11.5FPI
Fin Height Max 16mmH
L-Foot Fin TubeAll Kind of Material can be appliedCopper C1100, C122012.70~50.87~11.5FPI
(Wrap On Type)Fin Height Max 16mmH
G-Fin Tube (Embedded Type)Aluminum A1100, A1050, A1060
High Frequency Welded Finned TubeA179 Carbon Steel TubeCarbon Steel Tube12.70~1601.5~7FPI
Stainless Steel TubeStainless Steel Tube0.8~3.2mm. Thickness
Alloy Steel MaterialAlloy Steel Material
Integral Copper & Copper Alloy High Finned TubeC12200, C11000, C70600C12200, C11000, C7060015.88~22.235~9FPI
Max 12mm. H
Oval Finned TubeCarbon Steel TubeCarbon Steel TubeAll Size Available5~15FPI
Stainless Steel TubeStainless Steel Tube
Alloy Steel MaterialAlloy Steel Material
Copper & Copper Alloy TubeCopper & Copper Alloy Tube
Monometallic Fin TubeLow Fin TubeCarbon Steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, nickel alloy, etc.--9.52~4012, 16, 19 28 FPI, etc.
Turbo-C Tube
Turbo-E Tube
Corrugated TubeAll Kind of Material--6.35~402~9FPI

Fabrication Capacities

(1)  Fourteen extrusion fining lines, daily capacity around 4000 meters

(2) Four L/LL/KL fining lines, daily capacity around 3000 meters

(3) Two G-type fining lines, daily capacity around 1000 meters

(4) Two ERW studding lines, daily capacity around 80000 studs

(5) Four ERW High Frequency Spiral fining lines, daily capacity around 30 tons

(6) Three bending machines, maximum capacity 76X4

(7) Five DC ERW H/HH fining lines, daily capacity around 20 tons

(8) One PLC high speed punch presser