UNS S32109 Springs
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The diameter of UNS S32109 springs that we could do range from 0.30 mm to 3.00 mm.

As per Surface finish of UNS S32109 springs, we could do grinding ,presetting ,deburring ,shot peening ,vibratory finishing ,passivating,painting ,heat setting,stress relief ,end forming,threading ,coining,chamfering ,knurling ,welding ,assembly,grooving ,flatting and so on

As per Coatings of of UNS S32109 springs, we could do chrome,Teflon, corvel,pain,color coding,zinc plating,black oxide,precoated wire and so on

Our UNS S32109 Springs could undergo either bainitic hardening after forming (carbon) or vacuum hardening and annealing (stainless).or come in pre-hardened As per the requirement of the clients

UNS S32109 is suitable for wet-corrosive service but also has good mechanical strength at high temperatures.

The chemical composition of S32109 springs is as follows


UNS S32109


0.04 - 0.10





max (S)


max (Si)



17.0 – 20.0


9.0 – 12.0


0.1 Max.




Ti=4(C) to 0.60%

The mechanical property of UNS S32109 spring is as follows



Tensile  strength

69600 psi

Yield  strength

29700 ksi

Elongation  at break


Hardness,  Brinell


We could do solution treatment and ageing treatment for UNS S32109 springs as per the requirement of the clients.

We could supply inspection certificate of UNS S32109 springs by third party,like TUV,DNV,GL,BV,SGS and so on

We analyze your UNS S32109 spring design and make recommendations to improve quality and reduce cost. Whether you have a sample, drawing or idea, our engineering team is ready to offer you design assistance and material recommendation to best fit your application as well as your budget. We are easy to talk to, well-prepared and ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Our S32109 springs are widely used in aircraft engine manufacturers, oil patch suppliers, petrochemical corporations and power-generation companies. Various military branches, aerospace engineers and nuclear markets and so on

Please send us the drawing of UNS S32109 springs that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side.

Except UNS S32109 Springs,we also could produce UNS S32109 flanges,UNS S32109 plates,UNS S32109 fastener,UNS S32109 bolts,UNS S32109 fittings,UNS S32109 pipes,UNS S32109 tubes,UNS S32109 bars