Ph 15-7 Mo Springs
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The diameter of Ph 15-7 Mo springs that we could do range from 0.30 mm to 3.00 mm.
Our Ph 15-7 Mo springs come in a variety of surface finishes from bluing to clear or yellow zinc electroplating, electrolytic nickel, powder coating and zinc phosphate coating always executed by specialized subcontractors
At the end of the manufacturing and stress relief cycles, clients require different and very specific types of treatments in order to improve Ph 15-7 Mo spring performance. Terminal coil grinding, spring setting, internal and external tumbling, shot peen and vibration are the most common ones.
Ph 15-7 Mo is a semi-austenitic precipitation hardening stainless steel.

The chemical composition of Ph15-7Mo springs is as follows


Content (%)

Iron, Fe


Chromium, Cr

14 -16

Nickel, Ni

6.50 - 7.75

Molybdenum, Mb

2 - 3

Silicon, Si


Manganese, Mn


Aluminum, Al

0.75 - 1.50

Carbon, C


Phosphorus, P


Sulfur, S


The mechanical property of Ph 15-7 Mo spring is as follows



Tensile Strength

94275 - 127633 psi

Yield Strength

50763 - 79771 psi

Elongation at Break


Young’s Modulus

29008 ksi

We could do solution treatment and ageing treatment for Ph 15-7 Mo springs as per the requirement of the clients.
We could supply inspection certificate of Ph 15-7 Mo springs by third party,like TUV,DNV,GL,BV,SGS and so on
In order to control the quality of Ph15-7Mo springs, we have following inspection equipment:Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector,Hot Coil Spring Production Line.Fatigue Testing Machine,Hardening Furnace,Optical Emission Spectrometry,Spring Coiler,Salt Spray Test Machine,Shot Blaster Machine,Automatic Spring Coiler,Electric Temper Furnace,Electric Temper Furnace,Automatic Spring Coiler,Pressure Testing Machine 20mm CNC Spring Coiler,Spring Grinder,Pressure Testing Machine
Our Ph15-7Mo springs are widely used in Ship building,Refineries,Defence.Oil & gas.Mining,Petrochemical,Chemical,Power plant,Railway,Sugar,Steel plant,Fertilizers,Ports,Paper,Cement and so on

Please send us the drawing of Ph 15-7 Mo springs that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side.
Except Ph 15-7 Mo Springs,we also could produce Ph 15-7 Mo flanges,Ph 15-7 Mo plates,Ph 15-7 Mo fasteners,Ph 15-7 Mo bolts,Ph 15-7 Mo pipe fittings,Ph 15-7 Mo pipes,Ph 15-7 Mo tubes,Ph 15-7 Mo bars