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We produce NICKEL 205 Plates,NICKEL 205 Sheets,NICKEL 205 Coils, NICKEL 205 Strips,NICKEL205 Plates,NICKEL205 Sheets,NICKEL205 Coils, NICKEL205 Strips,NICKEL 205 cold rolled strips,NICKEL 205 hot rolled strips,NICKEL 205 hot rolled plates, NICKEL 205 cold rolled plates from china

We could produce  NICKEL 205 plate and sheets with Sizes range from 4.5MM thick to 200MM thickness, up to 3000 wide.

The thickness of NICKEL 205 strips and coil that we could do range from 0.05MM to 3MM

The surface finish of NICKEL 205 strips and coils that we could do is as follows:2B / 2D / BA

The hardness of NICKEL205 strip and coils that we could do is as follows:1/4 Hard, 1/2 Hard, 3/4 Hard, Full Hard, Spring Hard, Annealed, Pickled Soft

Customers can select a number of processing options to produce NICKEL 205 plate to their exact specifications, reducing materiel costs, production time, scrap and internal handling. All stainless steel grades of plate can be cut

We can polish nearly any NICKEL 205 plates,sheets,coils,strips to a #4 polish, #6 Polish, #7 polish or a #8 mirror finish. Our NICKEL 205 plate,sheets,coils,strips can be polished on one side or two sides.

We can perform PMI testing for NICKEL 205 plate,sheets,coils,strips, or we can work with independent labs to complete PMI in order to meet customer specifications.

NICKEL 205 contains small additions of aluminum and titanium for a good combination of mechanical and electrical properties.

We could produce NICKEL 205 plates,sheets,coils,strips as per the standard of ASTM B463

The chemical composition of NICKEL 205  plates,sheets,coils,strips is as follows

Nickel, Ni


Manganese, Mn


Iron, Fe


Silicon, Si


Copper, Cu


Carbon, C


Magnesium, Mg

0.010 - 0.080

Titanium, Ti

0.010 - 0.050

Sulfur, S


The mechanical property of NICKEL 205  plates,sheets,coils,strips is as follows

Electrical Electronic Nickel Mechanical Properties

Nickel Grade

Nickel 205

Tensile Strength



Yield Strength




% in 2 in.


Typical  Hardness Ann.

Rockwell HRB


We will do 100% UT test for NICKEL 205 plates,sheets,coils,strips

We could supply NICKEL205  plate,sheets,coils,strips material certificate as pe EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 by third party(like TUV,DNV,GL,and so on)

Our NICKEL 205 plates,sheets,coils,strips are widely used in chemical processing, aerospace and marine engineering, pollution-control equipment, and nuclear reactors.control, pulp and paper production, and treatment of industrial and municipal waste and so on

In order to produce NICKEL 205 plates,sheets,coils,strips, we are equipped with state-of-the-art equipments,which include 20 High Sendzimir Mills,degreasing cleaning lines,continuous bright annealing furnaces,Skin pass mills,a Tension Levelers , Slitters and fly shears

Please tell us the size of NICKEL 205 plates,NICKEL 205 sheets,NICKEL 205 coils,NICKEL 205 strips that you need, we are glad to quote the best price

Except NICKEL 205 plates,we also could produce NICKEL 205 flanges,NICKEL 205 bars,NICKEL 205 fasteners,NICKEL 205 bolts,NICKEL 205 pipe fittings,NICKEL 205 pipes,NICKEL 205 tubes,NICKEL 205 springs