UNS N06950 Pipes
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The outer diameter of UNS N06950 pipes that we could do is from 0.4MM to 850MM,The thickness of UNS N06950 that we could do is from 0.12MM to 100MM

We could meet size tolerance for UNS N06950 Pipes is as follows:OD : + ± 0.5% of specified diameter based on circumferential measurement. Thick : Minimum thickness at any point not more than 0.3 mm under nominal thi,Out of Roundness : difference between maximum and minimum OD 1% ,Straightness : 3 mm in 3 mtrs

Length : As per customer specification

As per surface finish of UNS NO6950 pipes, we could do pickled and polish into bright surface as per the requirement of the clients, also for bright surface of UNS N06950 pipes, we could meet 2D finish.No. 4 Finish,No. 6 Finish,No. 7 Finish as per the requirement of the clients

UNS N06950 is an alloy of nickel-chromium-molybdenum and iron is specifically intended to resist corrosion by "sour gas" (hydrogen-sulfide) in oil well applications.

The chemical composition of UNS N06950 pipes is as follows


Content (%)

Nickel, Ni

≥ 50

Chromium, Cr


Iron, Fe


Molybdenum, Mo


Cobalt, Co

≤ 2.50

Manganese, Mn

≤ 1

Silicon, Si

≤ 1

Tungsten, W

≤ 1

Niobium, Nb

≤ 0.50

Copper, Cu

≤ 0.50

Aluminum, Al

≤ 0.40

Phosphorous, P

≤ 0.040

Carbon, C

≤ 0.020

Sulfur, S

≤ 0.015

The mechanical propery of UNS NO6950 seamless pipes is as follows



Tensile strength

≥ 110000 psi

Yield strength (@ strain 0.200%)

102000-125000 psi

Elongation at break (in 50 mm)

≥ 20%

Hardness, Brinell (estimated from Rockwell C for  Brinell 10 mm ball/3000 kg load)


Hardness, Knoop (estimated from Rockwell C)


Hardness, Rockwell A (estimated from Rockwell C)


Hardness, Rockwell C

≤ 31

Hardness, Vickers (estimated from Rockwell C)


As per heat treatment of UNS N06950 pipes, we could do solution treatment, annealed treatment as per the requirement of the clients

As per material of UNS N06950 pipes, our raw material has been melted by  EAF+VOD-ESR methods

We produce UNS N06950 seamless pipes and weled pipes as per the standard of ASTM B729 and ASTM B464

We will do Destructive testing for our every piece of UNS N06950 seamless pipes and weled pipes:such as tensile tests (including hot tensile testing),impact tests (up to -196 degrees Celsius),bend tests,hardness tests,intercrystalline corrosion test in accordance with ASTM A262 practice E,pitting corrosion test in accordance with ASTM G48A,metallurgical tests (metal analysis, macro & micro examination)

We ALso do Non-destructive testing for our every piece of UNS N06950 seamless pipes and weled pipes:such as eddy current testing,ultrasonic testing,hydro testing,x-ray testing (radiographic & radioscopic),positive material indentification testing

Our UNS N06950 pipes are packed wooden crates lined with wax craft paper, tri-wall clay-coated reinforced cases

Our UNS N06950 seamless pipe and weled pipes are widely used in many industry :Flue gas scrubbers,Chlorination systems,Acid production and pickling systems,Outlet ducting and stack liners for power plants,Sulfur dioxide scrubbers,Pulp and paper bleach plants,Weld overlay of less corrosion resistant metals,Pesticide and other agrichemical production,Tubular heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers,Nuclear fuel reprocessing,incineration scrubber systems and so on

Our UNS N06950 seamless pipe and weled pipes could be by Third party approvals,such as American Bureau of Shipping,Bureau Veritas,Det Norske Veritas,Germanischer Lloyd,Lloyd's Register,PED and so on

Please send us the size and quantity of UNS N06950 pipes that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side

Except UNS N06950 pipes,we also could produce UNS N06950 flanges,UNS N06950 plates,UNS N06950 fastener,UNS N06950 bolts,UNS N06950 fittings,UNS N06950 bars,UNS N06950 tubes,UNS N06950 springs