Incoloy 926 Pipes
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The outer diameter of Incoloy 926 pipes that we could do is from 0.4MM to 850MM,The thickness of Incoloy 926 that we could do is from 0.12MM to 100MM

As per surface finish of Incoloy 926 pipes, we could do pickled and polish into bright surface as per the requirement of the clients, also for bright surface of Incoloy 926 pipes, we could meet 2D finish.No. 4 Finish,No. 6 Finish,No. 7 Finish as per the requirement of the clients

Incoloy 926 is an austenitic special steel with high molybdenum content and low carbon content.

The chemical composition of Incoloy 926 pipes is as follows


Content  (%)

Iron, Fe

41.69 -  50.35

Nickel, Ni


Chromium, Cr


Molybdenum, Mo


Manganese, Mn


Copper, Cu


Silicon, Si


Nitrogen, N


Phosphorous, P


Carbon, C


The mechanical propery of Incoloy 926 seamless pipes is as follows



Tensile strength

≥94000  psi

Yield strength

≥43000  psi

Modulus of  elasticity

27800  ksi

Elongation at break

≥35 %

Rockwell B hardness


As per heat treatment of Incoloy 926 pipes, we could do solution treatment, annealed treatment as per the requirement of the clients

As per material of Incoloy 926 pipes, our raw material has been melted by  EAF+VOD-ESR methods

We produce Incoloy 926 seamless pipes and weled pipes as per the standard of ASTM B673 and ASTM B677

In order to control the quality of Incoloy 926 seamless pipes and weled pipes, we will do Positive material identification (PMI),Visual inspection,Dimensional inspection.Laser micrometer inspection,Destructive testing( includes tensile, hardness, bending, flattening, flare and metallurgical tests),ultrasonic testing and pressure testing,Liquid Penetrate testing as per the requirement of the clients

Our Incoloy 926 pipes are packed wooden crates lined with wax craft paper, tri-wall clay-coated reinforced cases

Our Incoloy 926 seamless pipe and weled pipes are widely used in many industry like,Feed-water and steam generator tubing in power plants,Brine heaters and evaporator bodies in salt plants,Sulphuric and hydrouoric acid alkylation plants,Industrial heat exchangers,Cladding for crude oil distillation columns,Splash-zone sheathing in offshore structures, seawater service,Plants for isotope separation in the production of nuclear fuel pumps and valves used in the manufacture of chlorinated hydrocarbons and so on

We could supply Incoloy 926 pipe material certificate as per En10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 by third parts(like TUV,DNV,GL,and so on)

Please send us the size and quantity of Incoloy 926 pipes that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for your side

Except Incoloy 926 pipes,we also could produce Incoloy 926 flanges,Incoloy 926 plates,Incoloy 926 fastener,Incoloy 926 bolts,Incoloy 926 pipe fittings,Incoloy 926 bars,Incoloy 926 tubes,Incoloy 926 springs