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826M40 grade steel is a 2.5% nickel-chromium-molybdenum through hardening steel which has a high hardenability.

It may be treated in relatively large section sizes to produce tensile strengths ranging from 850 to over 1550 N/mm² combined with good ductility and resistance to stock.

Due to its high molybdenum content, the steel may normally be tempered in the range 300-550C without serious loss of impact values.

Good mechanical properties at low temperature can also be obtained

Typical applications of 826M40 grade steel


Aero-engine and airframe parts

Heavy duty gears

Pinion connecting rods

Crank and differential shafts and other transmission parts

High strength bolts and studs

Electrical motor shafts

Turbine discs

Gas bottles

Mandrel bars for tube manufacture

Ordnance parts