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We are professional 1.4910 Forged forging Stainless Steel Round Bars Rods Square rectangular rectangle Flat Hex Bars,1.4910 Forged Forging Steel Hollow Bars Forged Forging Sleeves Bushes Bushing Pipes Piping tube tubings barrels Casing Cases Shells cylinders hubs housings,1.4910 Seamless Rolled Steel Rings,1.4910 Forged Forging Steel rings,1.4910 Forged Forging Steel Blocks Discs Disks Plates,1.4910 Forged Forging shafts spindles flanges,and other 1.4910 forged forging parts Forged Products forged forging pieces forged forging steel components materials from china

Chemical Composition

1.4910Min % 16,0012,002,000,100,0015
Max %0,040,752,000,0350,01518,0014,003,000,180,0050

Physical properties

Density: lb/in.37,98
Hardness: (HB)---
Permeabilität bei 20°C---
Temperature T
Specific heat
J / kgK
(Btu / lb °F)
Thermal conductivity
(Btu·in / ft2·h·°F)
Electric resistance
µΩ · cm
(Ω circ mill / ft)
Modulus of elasticity
(103 ksi)
Expansion rate from 70°F bis T
10-6 / K
(10-6 / °F)
20 / 6845016 200

Mechanical properties (20°C / 68°F)

Yield strength Rp 1,0
Tensile strenght Rm N/mm2 /ksi550-750/79,7-108,7
Elongation A5 (%)>= 38
Schlagarbeit ISO-V (J)>=100

Temparature information

Application area
Operation temperature ºF  to  ºF 1292°F
Solution heat treatment
Working temperature1868 ºF  to 2012 ºF
Processing informationscool down:air /water
Solution heat treatment
Working temperature2102 ºF  to 1382 ºF