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The size of UNS S31803 flanges that we could do is from 1/2” – 96”, DN15-DN2000

We could produce UNS S31803 flanges with pressre from 150LB-2500LB or PN6-PN100

The face of UNS S31803 flanges that we could do is in Flate Face (FF), Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ)

Also we could produce UNS S31803 flanges as per the drawing of the clients

Following is the standard of UNS S31803 flanges that we could do:

American standard of UNS S31803 flanges in ANSI B16.5 ;ASME B16.47 Series A(MSS SP-44);ASME B16.47 Series B(API 605);ANSI B16.1,AWWA C207

Germany standard of UNS S31803 flanges in DIN 2630,2620,2632,2633,2634,2635,2636,2637,2638,2501(WN);


British standard of UNS S31803 flanges in BS3293,BS4504,BS10

The Italy standard of S31803 flanges in UNI27676-67,UNI27677-67,UNI27678-67,UNI6083-67,UNI6084-67,,UNI6088-67,,UNI6089-67,UNI27699-67,,UNI2300-67,UNI27680-67,,UNI27681-67,,UNI27682-67,,UNI27683-67

Janpanese standard of UNS S31803 flanges in JIS B27620,

Korean Standard of UNS S31803 flanges in KSB 1503,KSB 6216,KSB 2332,KSB 2333,KSD 3578,KSD 4308.

Australian standard of UNS S31803 flanges in AS 4087,AS 2129,AS/NZS 4320.1

ISO standsard of UNS S31803 flanges in ISO 7005-1,ISO 9624

Russian standard of UNS S31803 flanges in GOST 12820,GOST 12821,GOST 12836,GOST 12820-80,GOST 12821-80,GOST 12836-80.

European standard of S31803 flanges in EN1092-1

South african standard of UNS S31803 flanges in SABS-1123/SANS-1123

As per surface treatment of S31803 flange, we could do Anti-rust Oil;Black /Yellow Paint;Hot-dipped Galvanization as per the requirement of the clients

The material grade of S31803 flanges is by forging as per the standard of ASTM B462.

We will do following testing to control the quality of UNS S31803 Flanges:Chemical Analysis,Corrosion Test,Tensile, Hardness, Flattening, Flare, Flange and Reverse-bend tests,Eddy Current Testing,Hydrostatic Testing,Air under Press Test,IGC Test (Inter Granular Corrosion Test),Micro-Structure Analysis,Radiography Test,Ultrasonic Test,Liquid Penetrate Test

We could do solution treatment, ageing treatment for UNS S31803 flanges as per the requirement of the clients

UNS S31803 is a duplex stainless steel with a 50:50 austenite, ferrite microstructure.

The chemical composition of UNS S31803 flanges is as follows

Chemical Composition Limits











UNS S31803

0.03 max

2.0 max

0.03 max

0.02 max

1 max





The mechanical property of UNS S31803 flanges is as follows


Tensile Strength N/mm²

Proof Strength 0.2% N/mm²

Elongation (%)

Hardness Brinell

UNS S31803





We could supply material certificate of UNS S31803 flanges  as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party(like TUV,DNV,GL and so on)

Our UNS S31803 flanges will be 100% Ultrasonic Inspection as per the forging parts UT Test standard of ASTM A 388 or EN102768.

Our UNS S31803 flanges are widely used in many industries,such as Water Treatment Plants,Filtration Equipment Manufacturers,Pump Manufacturers,Purification Systems,Water Utility Companies,Sludge Treatment Plants,Desalination Plants,Reverse Osmosis Plants,Water Reuse Installations,Vintage Steam Engine Maintenance.Military Vehicle Producers,Automotive Component Manufacturers.Track Component Manufacturers and so on

Ask for our Delivery Guarantee for our S31803 flanges, and we will offer a cumulative rebate of 1% for the 1st week late, 2% for the 2nd week late, etc., to a maximum of 10%. For example, a 3 week late delivery will yield a rebate of 6%. We are so sure our long delivery will be on time, we back it up with a financial guarantee.

In order to export our UNS S31803 Flanges, we will do Packing in  No Fumigate or Fumigate Plywood/Wood Pallet or Case as per the requirement of our clients

Please send us the drawing of UNS S31803 flanges, we are glad to quote the best price for your side.

Except UNS S31803 flanges,we also could produce UNS S31803 bars,UNS S31803 plates,UNS S31803 fastener,UNS S31803 bolts,UNS S31803 fittings,UNS S31803 pipes,UNS S31803 tubes,UNS S31803 springs