UNS S31726 Fasteners
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We produce UNS S31726 fasteners,S31726 fasteners,UNS S31726 studs,UNS S31726 Nuts,UNS S31726 Screws,UNS S31726 Washers,UNS S31726 Sockets,UNS S31726 pins,UNS S31726 turnbuckles,UNS S31726 socket screws,UNS S31726 HEAVY HEX NUT,S31726 HEX NUT,S31726 Rivets,UNS S31726 coupling nuts and UNS S31726 pins in china

The type of UNS S31726 nuts that we could do is as follows:UNS S31726 Hex Nuts,UNS S31726 Heavy Hex Nut,S31726 Cap Nut,Acorn Nut,Serrated Flange Nut,Coupling Nut,Square Nut,Castle Nut,Wing Nut,Flange Lock Nut,Flex Lock NutnK Lock Nut,Jam Nut,Slotted Nut,Way Lock Nut,Custom Nut,T Nuts

The type of UNS S31726 bolts that we could do is as follows:S31726 Hex Head Bolt,Carriage Bolt,Anchor Bolt,Eye Bolt,Flange Bolt,Elevator Bolt,Lag Bolt,Draw Bolt,Plow Bolt,Stove Bolt,Tap Bolt,Hanger Bolt,U Bolt,Grub Screw,Shoulder Bolt,Step Bolt,J Bolt

The type of UNS S31726 screws that we could do is as follows:UNS S31726 Socket Head Cap Screws,Flat Socket Cap Screws,Button Head Socket Screw, Low Head Cap Screws, Countersunk Socket Screws,Socket Cap screws,Socket Set screws and so on

The type of UNS S31726 studs that we could do is as follows: UNS S31726 Thread Studs,Collar Studs,Combo Studs,Double End Studs,Pad Studs,engineer studs,Tap End Studs

The type of UNS S31726 washers that we could do is as follows:UNS S31726 Flat Washer,Spring Washers,Dome Washer,Hexagonal Washer,Square Washer,Countersunk WasherTooth Lock Washer,Dock Washer,Fender Washer,Ogee Washer,Hex Washers,Split / Lock Washer,Customized Washer,Tab Washers

As per surface finish of UNS S31726 fasteners. we could do Cadmium Plating,Cadmium Yellow,Chrysler Specs,Zinc and Black Dichromate,Zinc and Yellow Dichromate,Zinc Plating as per the requirement of the clients

UNS S31726 is non-magnetic in the annealed condition

The chemical composition of S31726 fasteners is as follows


Content (%)




17 – 20


13.5 - 17.5








0.10 - 0.20







The mechanical property of UNS S31726 fasteners is as follows




Ultimate tensile strength

614 MPa

89 ksi

Yield strength

317 MPa

46 ksi

Elongation at break



Reduction in area



Hardness, Rockwell



We have following manufacture process to produce UNS S31726 Fasteners:Cold Heading, Progressive Hot Heading, Hot Forging,Point/Shave/CNC Machining,Broaching, Lightening Hole Drilling,Cross-Hole Drilling,Grinding,Heat Treating,Fillet and Thread ROlling

As per heat treatment of UNS S31726 fasteners, we could do, solution and ageing treatment, Tempering, Hardening, Spheroidizing, Stress Relieving as per the requirement of the clients

In order to control the quality of UNS S31726 fasteners, we have following inspection equipment:size inspection equipment,Digital Vernier Callipers,Digital Micrometers,Slip Gauge Sets,Adjustable Dial Snap Gauges,Thread Ring Gauges,Thread Plug Gauges,Wear Check Plugs for Thread Gauges,Distance Gauges,Adjustable Dial Snap Gauges,Height Gauges,System 21 Ring Gauge,Rotational Capacity.

As per the packing of UNS S31726 fasteners,We will package specific quantities for you and include your part number on bag or box labels (bar coded, human readable, or both). Your part number will also appear on invoices, packing slips and other paperwork associated with this part.We have the technology to produce a variety of labels that incorporate graphics in color or black and white for every piece of UNS S31726 fasteners .

In order to supply superior UNS S31726 Fasteners,We will do Destructive Testing and Non Destructive Testing for our fasteners, Destructive Testing include Product Analysis,G48 Corrosion Test,Micrographic Examination,Ferrite and Phase Count,Charpy Impact Test,Tensile Test,HIC Testing,SSE Testing.Non Destructive Testing include Dye Penetrant Testing,Ultrasonic Testing,Hardness Check,Ferrite check,PMI

Our UNS S31726 fasteners are widely used in Valves,Oil Refineries,Petrochemical,Heat Exchangers & Pressure Vessels,Oil & Gas,Pumps.Mining.Paper Mills,Lock & Dam.Agricultural Equipment.Chemical Processing.Metal Fabrication,Marine,Oil Tools & Production,Food and so on

Also we could supply UNS S31726 fasteners quality inspection certificate In En10204-3.2 by third party,like TUV, GL, LR, ABS, DNV, RINA, BV and so on

Please send us the size or drawing of UNS S31726 fasteners that you need, we are glad to quote the best price

Except UNS S31726 fasteners,we also could produce UNS S31726 flanges,UNS S31726 plates,UNS S31726 bars,UNS S31726 bolts,UNS S31726 fittings,UNS S31726 pipes,UNS S31726 tubes,UNS S31726 springs