A182-F51 Bolts
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The type of A182-F51 anchor bolts that we could do is A182-F51 straight anchor bolts, bent anchor bolts and headed anchor bolts
The type of A182-F51 bent bolts that we could do is A182 F51 bent anchor bolts, u-bolts, square bent u-bolts, j-bolts, bent tie bolts, bent check bolts, bent hook rail bolts, bent I-bolts, and custom special bent bolts.
The type of A182-F51 headed bolts that we could do is A182-F51 Cap Screws head bolts,Hex head bolts,Heavy Hex head bolts,Lag Bolts,Square Head bolts,Step Bolts,Dome Head bolts,Carriage boltds,Socket Head Bolts
We could produce A182-F51 non-standard and speciality large bolts from 1/4” all the way to 4” and in metric sizes from M8 to M100.
The surface finish of A182-F51 bolts that we could do is as follows:Hot Dip Galvanized,Mechanical Galvanized,Zinc plated (Clear),Yellow Zinc plated,Cadmium plated,Yellow Cadmium plated,Blue Xylan or Blue Teflon,Green Xylan or Green Teflon.Black Oxide,Plain surface,Ni-plated, Passivated, Tin-plated, Sandblast and Anodize, Polish, Eletro Painting, Chrome plated etc.
In order to control the quality of A182-F51 bolts, the material of A182-F51 bars is melted by ESR+VIR or VIM+ESR+VAR and is produced as the standard of ASTM B462 and ASTM B473
A182-F51 is the most widely used duplex (ferritic/austenitic) stainless steel grade

The chemical composition of A182 F51 bolts is as follows

C 0.30 max
Cr 21.0-23.0
Mn 2.00 max
Mo 2.50-3.50
N 0.08-0.20
Ni 4.50-6.50
P 0.030 max
S 0.020 max
Si 1.00 max

The mechanical property of A182-F51 bolts is as follows

0.2% proof stress

Tensile strength





≥ 66

≥ 91

≥ 25

≤ 293

As per heat treatment of A182-F51 bolts, we could do, solution and ageing treatment, Tempering, Hardening, Spheroidizing, Stress Relieving as per the requirement of the clients
A182-F51 bolts has been widely used in heat exchanger, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, pump & valve construction,steam & gas turbines, hydro power applications,petrochemical industries as well as oil and gas industries and so on

In order to control the quality of A182-F51 bolts, We could do Hardness Testing,Proof load testing,Corrosion testing,Impact testing,Tensile strength tests,Finished product tests,Chemical analysis tests,CHARPY tests as per the requirement of the clients
Our A182-F51 bolts has been 100% ultrasonic test according to EN102768-3, SA388, Sep 1921  etc
We could supply A182-F51 bolt material certificate as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party(like GL,DNV,TUV,BV and so on)
Please sned us the size or drawing of A182-F51 bolts, we are glad to quote the best price for your side.
Except A182-F51 bolts,we also could produce A182-F51 flanges,A182-F51 plates,A182-F51 fasteners,A182-F51 bars,A182-F51 pipe fittings,A182-F51 pipes,A182-F51 tubes,A182-F51 springs