353MA Bolts
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We produce 353MA bolts,353 MA bolts,353MA bolting,353MA Hex Head Bolts,353MA studbolt,353MA Heavy Hex head bolts,353MA Stud Bolts,353MA Anchor Bolt,353MA Eye Bolt,353MA U Bolts,353MA Structural Bolts,353MA Step Bolt,353MA Flange Bolt,353 MA Screw Thread Eye Bolt,353 MA Head Plow Bolts,353 MA Square Head Bolts,353 MA Hexagonal Bolts,353 MA J-Bolts,353MA Bent Eye Bolts,353MA Elevator Bolts,353MA Step Bolts,353MA Tap Bolts,353MA Tension Control Bolts,353MA Shoulder Bolt,353 MA bent bolts,353MA headed bolts,353 MA Heavy Hex head bolts,353MA Timber Bolts,353MA Lag Bolts,353MA Timber Bolts,353MA Hanger Bolt,353MA Button Head Bolts,353 MA Tie Bolt,353MA Hexagon Bolt,353MA Hexagon Cap Screw Bolt from china
The type of 353MA anchor bolts that we could do is 353MA straight anchor bolts, bent anchor bolts and headed anchor bolts
The type of 353MA bent bolts that we could do is 353 MA bent anchor bolts, u-bolts, square bent u-bolts, j-bolts, bent tie bolts, bent check bolts, bent hook rail bolts, bent I-bolts, and custom special bent bolts.
The type of 353MA headed bolts that we could do is 353MA Cap Screws head bolts,Hex head bolts,Heavy Hex head bolts,Lag Bolts,Square Head bolts,Step Bolts,Dome Head bolts,Carriage boltds,Socket Head Bolts
We could produce 353MA non-standard and speciality large bolts from 1/4” all the way to 4” and in metric sizes from M8 to M100.
The surface finish of 353MA bolts that we could do is as follows:Hot Dip Galvanized,Mechanical Galvanized,Zinc plated (Clear),Yellow Zinc plated,Cadmium plated,Yellow Cadmium plated,Blue Xylan or Blue Teflon,Green Xylan or Green Teflon.Black Oxide,Plain surface,Ni-plated, Passivated, Tin-plated, Sandblast and Anodize, Polish, Eletro Painting, Chrome plated etc.
In order to control the quality of 353MA bolts, the material of 353MA bars is melted by ESR+VIR or VIM+ESR+VAR and is produced as the standard of ASTM B462 and ASTM B473
353MA is an austenitic chromium-nickel steel

The chemical composition of 353 MA bolts is as follows


0.05 - 0.1


0.03 - 0.08


20 - 22




0.8 max


10 - 12


0.14 - 0.2


0.04 max


1.4 - 2


0.03 max

The mechanical property of 353MA bolts is as follows

Mechanical Properties
Room Temperature

Specified Limits Minimum

Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPA


.2% Offset Yield Strength, MPA


Elongation in 2", %


Reduction of Area, %


Hardness Rockwell B


As per heat treatment of 353MA bolts, we could do, solution and ageing treatment, Tempering, Hardening, Spheroidizing, Stress Relieving as per the requirement of the clients
353MA bolts has been widely used in Refineries,Gas Processing,Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies,Petrochemicals,Hydro-Carbon,Fertilizers,Power Generation,Specialty Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals
Drugs,Steel,Cement,Pesticides,General Piping,Construction,Engineering and so on

In order to control the quality of 353MA bolts, We could do Hardness Testing,Proof load testing,Corrosion testing,Impact testing,Tensile strength tests,Finished product tests,Chemical analysis tests,CHARPY tests as per the requirement of the clients
Our 353MA bolts has been 100% ultrasonic test according to EN102768-3, SA388, Sep 1921  etc
We could supply 353MA bolt material certificate as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2 of third party(like GL,DNV,TUV,BV and so on)
Please sned us the size or drawing of 353MA bolts, we are glad to quote the best price for your side.
Except 353MA bolts,we also could produce 353MA flanges,353MA plates,353MA fasteners,353MA bars,353MA pipe fittings,353MA pipes,353MA tubes,353MA springs