310H Bars
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We could produce 310H bars, 310 H bars,310H round bars, 310H rods,310H square bars,310H flat bars,310H hot rolled bars, 310 H cold drawn bright bars,310 H forged bars, 310H forging bars,Nimonic 90 Hexagon Bar,310H rectangular bars from china.

The diameter of 310H bars that we could do ranges from 6MM to 800MM. The length of 310H bars that we could do is up to 15 metres

310H has a carbon content restricted to exclude the lower end of the 310 range, so is the grade of choice for high temperature applications.

The chemical composition of 310H bars is as follows


Content (%)

Iron,  Fe


Chromium,  Cr


Nickel,  Ni


Manganese,  Mn


Silicon,  Si


Phosphorous,  P


Carbon,  C


Sulfur,  S


The mechanical property of 310 H bars is as follows

Mechanical Properties


Grade 0.2 % Proof Stress  MPa (min)


Tensile Strength MPa (min)


Elongation % (min)


Hardness (HV) (max)


We could produce 310H bars as per the standard of ASTM B462 and ASTM B473

As per melting methods for 310H bars, we could use AOD refining or vacuum induction melting. Vacuum arc or electroslag remelting procedure as per the requirement of the clients

As per heat treatment of 310H bars, we could do annealed treatment,or solution treatment,ageing treatment as per the requirement of the clients

Our 310 H bars could be  100% ultrasonic test according to EN102768-3, SA388,,ASTM A520-1974, Sep 1921 C/c etc.

Our 310H bars could be 100%  Liquid Penetrant Examination as per the ASTM E165-1995

We could supply 310H round bars certificate as per the standard of EN10204-3.1 or EN10204-3.2(By third party,like TUV,DNV,GL,and so on)

In order to control the quality of 310 H bars, we have following inspection equipment in our workshop:Metallurgical analysis, Tensile strength tester, Hardness tester, Altimeter, Scale Micrometer, pressure tester, etc.

As per surface finish of 310H bars, we could supply them in the form of black surface, rough machined to bright surface or polish into bright surface,or peeled into bright surface

Our 310H bars are widely used in Flue gas scrubbers,Chlorination systems,Acid production and pickling systems,Outlet ducting and stack liners for power plants,Sulfur dioxide scrubbers,Pulp and paper bleach plants,Weld overlay of less corrosion resistant metals,Pesticide and other agrichemical production,Tubular heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers,Nuclear fuel reprocessing,incineration scrubber systems and so on

Please tell us the size and quantity of 310H bars 310H round bars, 310 H rods,that you need, we are glad to quote the best price for you

Except 310H bars,we also could produce 310H flanges,310H plates,310H fasteners,310H bolts,310H pipe fittings,310H pipes,310H tubes,310H springs